Northshore Minds does not accept any insurance or single case agreements. However, some plans will reimburse a portion of fees paid to out-of-network providers. After payment, we can help provide billing invoices to submit to insurers for the patient to potentially receive reimbursement. There is sometimes confusion as Dr. Tourjee is listed on various insurance panels due to past and current hospital affiliations. However, for private practice at Northshore Minds, it is a separate business entity and should be regarded by insurers as out-of-network. Since Northshore Minds does not participate in insurance plans, it is your responsibility to verify that your plan will cover services. Insurance involvement is limited as it often governs the type, frequency, and amount of care which may impair your ability to receive optimal treatment and privacy. Some treatments may not be covered by insurance. Payment of services, including non covered services, is the patient’s responsibility.

  • Initial diagnostic consultation(90 minutes): Includes review of records, psychiatric assessment, diagnostic impressions, and treatment recommendations, including psychotherapy and/or medication recommendations if indicated. Consultation with Northshore Minds does not constitute a treatment relationship. If the decision is made that you require specialized treatment with another psychiatrist, Dr. Tourjee can help facilitate a referral.
  • Regular office session (50 minutes): Includes individual therapy and/or medication management, family therapy, parent guidance, couples therapy, or specialized coaching. For patients requiring frequent lab surveillance or case management out of office additional fees may be required.
  • Psychotherapy 50 min
  • Psychotherapy with medication management 50 min
  • Video / email / telephone consultation is billed at the office rate.


“Fees are subject to change and subject to 5% annual increase Returned checks will be assessed”

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