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Mark CastiglioneJuly 21, 2020
I am happy to share my unique perspective both personally and professionally. Dr. Tourjee became my daughters provider several years ago after a cancer diagnosis. We were so impressed with his care that we followed him into private practice. Dr. Tourjee has an evidenced based, gentle but confident approach to care. Dr. Tourjee's office environment is welcoming. My daughter formed a trusting provider/patient relationship quickly, in my daughters case thats not easy to do, we were very impressed. He return's calls quickly, address parent concerns without feeling rushed or judged. He is open minded in combining both non-pharmacological and pharmacological approaches. Supportive to patients educational needs (developing an IEP). Perfect match for our family! I was so impressed with Dr. Tourjee that I asked him to provide group psychotherapy to the providers within my own health care practice, specifically during the COVID-19 crisis, he was amazing in supporting our staff through the unpredictable and stressful times. Dr. Tourjee is now our preferred provider for our clients. ~T. CampbellBirthing GentlyJuly 17, 2020

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